Into The Breach, a poem written by José de Diego at

Into The Breach

Into The Breach

a poem by José de Diego


O wretched man in pain who falls and cries,
whose limbs, exhausted, sicken and grow slack!
Leaf out anew—the bare tree’s verdant knack;
like buried seed, pulse to revitalize.

Resurge, shout, stride, take heart, fight for the prize,
rumble and flash; like thunder, boom and crack….
Be like the sea against the cliff: strike back!
And like the river when it rains: arise!

Before the raging tempest’s angry thrust,
do not bleat like the lamb, unhappy, frail,
but roar, as the wild beast does, when you must.

Up, struggle forward! And do not turn tail;
bellow as bulls, corralled, do from the dust!
Or like the silent bull, rush to assail!



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