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written by: Suman Pokhrel



The road meanders,
wandering in tandem with itself.

Gazing at itself, ahead and behind
moving past the auspices
tracing the contours of the houses’ gates
feeling and forgetting their caresses
the road meanders along, engrossed in itself.

Ascending and descending,
uphill, and downhill
inclines and slopes
sliding down, yet climbing anew
the road walks along
it walks alone, in unison with itself.

The road doesn’t seek refuge in any shelter
it doesn’t settle at the behest of any command
it doesn’t rest on the lap of roadside benches
it never adheres to the fondness of any settlement
the road never halts.

I behold this road, and I perceive myself
I learn from this road, or
does this road learn from me?

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