Lay Me Bare written by Kathy Parker at

Lay Me Bare

Lay Me Bare

written by:  Kathy Parker



Lay me bare, pull back my layers and see all I hide beneath.

Lay me bare, force away the surface of my pretense. Expose me. Expose the parts of me I conceal. Excavate through the rubble of my make-believe, find the truth I leave unseen.

Lay me bare, rip away my skin, tear away my flesh, reach into my bones, into the marrow that lies within. See it. Touch it. Feel it. For it is not pretty but it is real and beauty deceives while flesh and bone cannot lie.

Lay me bare, hear all I do not say and all I say but do not mean. Strip me down and see my fears, see my pain, see beyond my subterfuge.

Lay me bare until all that remains is everything I am afraid to reveal, and then lay your flesh next to my flesh and let us love the bare bones of one another’s soul in the wakefulness of this moment.

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