Leaving Blue Doors, poetry by Joni Caggiano at Spillwords.com

Leaving Blue Doors

Leaving Blue Doors

written by: Joni Caggiano



voiceless rhythms hide conflict behind earless walls
cobblestones assembled centuries ago, bask in white light
forgotten names of flowers already seared into my raw flesh
pink and crimson colors hovering with their scent
exploding like a trap door in the tiny hairs of my nostrils
barren is his constant silence, which feels like screaming
anxiously red eyes stare, as your tall body opens the blue door
cutting chambers and bindings from my red heart
your white mesh shoes are almost silent
like the petals drifting in chilly, ethereal breaths
my cerise lips shaking now like our twin martinis earlier
when your callous words tore the linen cloth on our table
turning your back was more potent than a slap
gathering two years of apartment clippings, you depart
the ending often lay underneath a rattlesnake
in my obscure and haunting dreams
fearing death by poison would be the consequence
of our unmarried start

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