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written by: Deogratias S. Kagali



Rising to see the sun rising,
Making my bed or not.
Morning hygiene and breaks,
All the same!

To school, work, or idleness,
All the same in the routines cycle,
What new thing can I do?
Or distinctively accomplish?

I want to build a belief,
One contrary to the norms.
Earth orbiting moon,
As the sun is ever shining.

I am seeking for a legacy,
One that needs explanations,
For on its own can speak.
Something inspiring!

Deogratias S. Kagali

Deogratias S. Kagali

I am a Tanzanian young poet, with no poem publicly published yet. I pursue my Bachelor Degree of Arts in Philosophy at Spiritan Missionary Seminary, an affiliate to Catholic University of Eastern Africa - CUEA Nairobi, Kenya.
Deogratias S. Kagali

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