Letters To Coffee and Caffeine, My Pillars, prose by Susanne Thomas at Spillwords.com

Letters To Coffee and Caffeine, My Pillars

Letters To Coffee and Caffeine, My Pillars

written by: Susanne Thomas



6:15 AM
I didn’t set you up last night. You big shiny lug. Now I have to drag myself to your gaping top in a stupor. It takes three minutes to do all of this. I have lunches to make, and emails to check, and children to wake, and sitting to do. Why didn’t I just get it done? I promise I’ll not let this happen again. Tonight, I will prepare you for the morning.
6:37 AM
We are finally together. The creamer, my elephant mug, and your beautiful offering. Come, let us be as one and find our way through this day together. Craft my armor, link to link, building my wall of protection from flying bullets and falling anvils.
8:15 AM
Finally, time for a second cup. You are my sustainer. The cup that does not just jolt me from slumber, but the one that encourages me, props me up, and gives me lasting strength throughout the day. You are sweet and bitter, and I can savor each sip. We will be the heroes today.
9:30 AM
I lied. I totally lied. The second cup, it’s just a filler really, like a base from which the third cup can jump to work. Like a trapeze artist, swinging through my veins. Caught by my brain. We’re in this together now. My elephant mug is such a trooper. Always Forwards!
10:18 AM
The beep went off on my coffee maker. The signal of the end. Heats off now. If I was going to get a fourth, now would be the time. I don’t need a fourth. But it’s now or never, I mean, unless I want to make half a pot for just one cup. My choice is simple.
10:23 AM
The fourth cup of coffee always tastes like ash and despair.
12:30 PM
Look at us! All of the work is getting done today. This to-do list is almost checked all the way down. I couldn’t have done any of this without you, caffeine. We’re the best pairing that could ever be.
1:30 PM
I suppose we’ll stop for lunch. Time to cool some jets and have a bite. Maybe just a glass of soda to go with the sandwich. I think that could be excellent. An auxiliary unit providing backup to the fighting front.
2:30 PM
I don’t think I’ve stopped looking at pictures on the internet since lunch ended. I can’t look away. Okay, I need to finish a few things. Just a few and then the day can be done. One more check of facebook, then to work with us…
3:30 PM
The day’s almost done. The sun will begin its decent soon. I can’t stop playing 2048. I want a nap. No, I NEED a nap. This is awful. I don’t even want to move. What have you done to me? Did you just leave? You did! You abandoned me!!! Come back!
5:43 PM
I need to put dinner on the table and get some dishes washed during homework time. Can I tell you which of those things appeals to me? Neither. None of it. None of the above. No things appeal to me. I can’t believe you left me like that. I just feel so defeated.
8:00 PM
I love bedtime. I gather up some real energy then. Stuff that’s real and won’t abandon me. Authentic and coursing. I feel like watching some Netflix. Maybe something funny.
11:00 PM
It is 11:00 already. Almost midnight, today prepares to cross into the future. I have to be up in 7 hours. I’ll just make the coffee in the morning, I’m going to go sink into the mattress and begin the night’s dreaming. Goodnight my sweet helper. We’ll have another try tomorrow.

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