This Amazing Woman, a poem written by Laura Hughes at

This Amazing Woman

This Amazing Woman

written by: Laura Hughes



She is a mixture of fire and ice,
and everything in between.
Her honesty will make you think twice,
but there is so much more to be seen.

In her heart, she can feel so deeply,
so it can easily cause pain.
For her walls are built so steeply,
because there’s much for them to contain.

She has such beauty inside and out,
for you must open your eyes to see.
But she has her flaws, without a doubt,
for no one can be seen perfectly.

She is also filled with light and grace,
and helps others compassionately.
She often times feels she’s out of place,
but still lives her life passionately.

She does have her own hopes and dreams,
and she will make sure they all come true.
Even if things are hopeless it seems,
her faith will always come shining through.

You may wonder who this woman is,
for she may seem too good to be true.
You are correct, and the secret ’tis
this amazing woman can be…YOU!

Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

I am just your average person with a tendency to rhyme.
Laura Hughes

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