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written by: TM DiSarro



The posting of your lie
Made you center of attention
Magician’s tricks are hard to figure out
They pull the wool and wave the wand
And truth they fail to mention
Blurring lines while advocating doubt
The essence of a lie
Is like a secret you are keeping
A vile of poison hidden in your sleeve
And at the proper moment
You will pour it in our ears
To cast aspersions on what we believe
Or maybe it’s a jealous rage
That set your world on fire
To put me in the sites of your despise
To formulate a story
As a criminal conspires
To steal my soul before I realize
Deception is an art form
That’s perfected in its use
The more you lie the easier it gets
And you are its inception
Veiled in all the words you choose
The harbinger of your future regrets
So now you must be gloating
To the point that you will burst
Your envy is like slime inside your veins
But please remember lack of talent
Takes the form of thirst
The thoughts you have
Are nothing more than stains

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