Life's Breath, a poem by Eva Marie Cagley at
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Life’s Breath

Life’s Breath

written by: Eva Marie Cagley



The humid night air breathes life
Wraps you in his black velvet
That warms you by the crackling fire pit
And Promises you a yellow sunny tomorrow.

If you listen, you will hear his song
Of crickets chirping and frogs croaking by the pond.
Animals moving in the Brush-A mother deer and her fawn
Peering out safe one more night from man’s harm.

Still in the silence we all sit in unity
Around The orange flames dancing
Tell stories and recite poetry with open mike.
Each one Creative-Each tell their stories

Of Dreams-Hopes-Love
But together in union we join Spiritually
As one heartbeat throbbing into the night.
And in this moment, we are all of one spirit- one heart.

As we join with the red clay of the earth
We feel the peace-the serenity
And thank God for this moment shared
Now frozen within time

We will later tell stories of it
The funny things that were said
And the not so funny as well
How we captured it on the painted canvas

Of our life’s-our minds
Splattered in the brightest hues of the rainbow
To light the dark night entering into our free spirits

When we leave here, we will have known the unity
Of fellowship
And what that really meant because it was joining
Not just some empty word spoken.

But something we could all grasp onto
And claim as our own!
If only for Today-Just today, we all smiled

And took a breath of life!

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