Cluelessly Wisest, poetry by Bikram Sutradhar at
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Cluelessly Wisest

Cluelessly Wisest

written by: Bikram Sutradhar



Days pass by, thirsty I remain,
The night’s tipsy, cigarette in hand;
Mingled with the moon, looking for my star;
And enjoying the music of lyrics.

I’m in a time when I wasn’t even born;
I’m dancing in my mind,
Stars dancing in my eyes,
We are dancing in our time,
I’ve never felt so enamored in my time.

Yes, yes, I hear you well,
Yes, now I can hear you well,
But please, you need not utter a word,
Please let me look at your eyes,
Shh! Please keep numb;
The language of eyes sends shivers down my spine.

Days pass by, thirsty I remain,
The more days pass by,
The More poignant my thirst becomes;
An old song from a young soul,
A young thirst for an old time,
I don’t know what brings me to tears.
I’m clueless,
I still feel the wisest.

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