Life's Democracy, a poem written by Anoucheka Gangabissoon at

Life’s Democracy

Life’s Democracy

written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon


Do I become a monster
If I refuse to let my blooms
Be trimmed by life’s imposing scissors?

Do I become a stone
If I choose to hide my seeds
Inside a fruit which cannot be opened,
Cannot be cut or crushed?

Do I become selfish
If I choose to water my own roots
So that I do live up to my fate’s expectancy,
While, being, at the same time,
Sheltered from invasive grasshoppers?

Pray, my life belongs to me
I carry it as if it were my shadow
Or, my load, here, in this mundane world
I carry it because such has been willed to me
By the powers who bid some sort of consciousness
Into the mound of flesh and blood that I was!

Well aware of my duties,
Well aware of the frugality of life.
I stubbornly cling on to what I prioritize
Refusing to let the rest
Affect my inner bliss!

Pray, should you care to see me as being
A monster, a stone or even as being selfish
Pray, know that life belongs to naught
And no one owes anything to others
Let me live, as I wish to
Let me live, as I am
See, I do the same pertaining to you!

Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Anoucheka Gangabissoon is a Primary School Educator in Mauritius. She writes poetry and short stories as hobby. She considers writing to be the meaning of her life as she has always been influenced by all the great writers and wishes to be, like them, immortalized in her words. Her works can be read on poetrysoup and she had also appeared in various literary magazines like SETU, Different Truths, Dissident Voice, In Between Hangovers Press, WISH Press, Tuck’s Magazine, Blue Mountain Review, among others. She has also been published in Duane’s Poetree and also in two anthologies for the Immagine and Poesia group. Her poems are often placed in free online contests.
Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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