Light Of The Forest written by Zen at

Light Of The Forest

Light Of The Forest

written by: Zen



I rush making room
For rolling out the dry carpet
A mausoleum of scattered ideologies
Flushing the inner walls –murky
Curious in meadows limitless to ponder
If hope maintains invisible under
Sheets of malicious intent

From that canvas to this page
His brush stroke feels a sullen rage
Longing confidence emitting flow
purple haze in blue stripes cut raw
A fluid spread of sensory experience
Tentacles to talons touching its surface
Scratching moustache across melted pencil

It’s all part of the process
In lead ink or acrylics
Chances are hard to find
if the fingers flash their secret ways
blowing talent in your ageless face
leaving behind them legacies unnamed
upon the wind of change & survival

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