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written by: Sheri M. Stewart


It takes us all,
hands linked
across the nations,
in many varied forms.

I see you
as you see me
we are different,
yet our hearts beat the same.

We love, we laugh, we cry,
when injured we bleed.
Don’t add to the pain,
lift up your head and extend your hand.

It starts with one,
joined by another.
Hands linked in friendship,
hearts beating in harmony.

Use your hands
to form a link with care,
don’t feed the hate,
don’t tear others down.

Differences can be
celebrated, cherished, broadening
or they can be
hard, dividing, frustrating.

Hands hold power,
they direct our actions;
they form bridges
or erect barriers.

We have a choice
in what we see and do
as you see me
and I see you.

Sheri M. Stewart

Sheri M. Stewart

I am interested in and fascinated by so many things in the world around me. I am a dreamer and a lover. I endure great pain and sadness. I am bi-polar. I have learned to embrace the many facets of who I am. I chose to view my illness as just another part of what makes me unique. I write as a form of self-expression and art. I share in the hopes that others can identify with my writing and know they are not alone.
Sheri M. Stewart

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