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written by: Dinka Bednjacic


Rain, I am waiting for you

So you can wash my face

With your tears

And with your arrival

Will come the wind

To play in my hair

Your coldness pours strength

Into my body

Your rush carries me

On its deluge

I am waiting for your power

To quench my thirst

Every drop brings new life

When its destiny meets

Thunder and lightning

Becomes ageless song

About your tears and


I am waiting for you

With tendering hands

Towards the sky

To come to me when

Dark night falls

I will proudly receive

Your first cry

This night, in the fury

Of heavenly rhythm

You will come for sure

I am waiting … waiting for you rain

Dinka Bednjacic

Dinka Bednjacic

Dinka Bednjacic has been writing poetry for many years. She lives with her family in the state of Victoria, Australia. Many of her poems have been awarded and published in books and newspapers in Croatian and English. In 2018 she published a poetry collection titled ‘Pockets in my Heart.’
Dinka Bednjacic

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