Little Minney's Lockdown Musings, poem by Dr. Aparna Ajith at

Little Minney’s Lockdown Musings

Little Minney’s Lockdown Musings

written by: Dr. Aparna Ajith


Days were meant to be wasted
Little Minney did nothing but waited.

Her tiny dreams faded
It was corona that shaded.

She yearned for the days that were bright
The quarantine made her days as dark as night.

What is in this social distance?
Is this a system of corona resistance?

Little Minney could not bear the murky mask
It was indeed a tiresome task.

Gone were her thrilling days of uniform
Coming are the boring days of online platform.

Little Minney detested this lengthy vacation
She hated the spiky corona for this vocation.

“Go Corona, Go Corona” slogans everywhere.
Little Minney counts her days in scare.

Hey Corona, how ruthlessly you give this fate?
Little Minney screamed out of hate.

Little Minney dreamt of her nation
battling in the battle of isolation.

Little Minney worried of being a corona prey
She let herself shut in room always to pray.

Little Minney wishes to flee from the quarantine fiend
So that she can blend with her darling friend.

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