Christmas 1995 written by huntersjames at

Christmas 1995

Christmas 1995

written by: huntersjames



Anticipation pictures flashing curious pets ripping wrappings,
Alert awake and ready now who’s first? Me! Me!

Make a fire, coffee, turkey later, treats for each the pets,
Make a thank you list what is it? who’s it from?

Sort through piles of presents picking out the next,
Bows and ribbons flying, papers scattered everywhere.

Kitty crawling in the boxes, toys for her, the tape stuck to her paws,
Singing carols in a trance, thank you’s all around.

New toys sound, it’s their very first time, many more to come,
No more presents, sadness, wait here’s another, glee!

At last the daylight shines, illuminates another day,
Christmas aftermath a flash records the scene for Gran.

Wait wait now now in one motion a child reveals a toy
What’s that? How’s it work? How’d you know?

Presents’ wrappings make a mountain to the ceiling
Christmas lists on first request, need a second page?

A kiss to each a memory saved of Christmas now
We each together all alone hold this time safe within.

Tomorrow comes soon enough turning magic into prayers,
Today we glimpse the answers in our indulgence built of love.



Could it really have been 20 years ago or more?

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