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Losing You to the Wind

written by: Maggie Chatterton



I always knew that the wind
Would come and steal you away from my arms.
I just never expected that it'd be so soon.
The snow doesn't yet stick to the ground,
Just like when I first held you.
And just like that, the wind
Whisked you along to another land,
Far from me.
Too far to hear my cries.
Losing you to the wind was like
Losing a part of me
That I hadn't realized that I needed.
The wind stole you away
From my love,
Making it impossible for me to breathe.
It doesn't help knowing that
The wind made you free to fly,
Just like you were born to do
Without me.

Maggie Chatterton

Maggie Chatterton

Maggie Chatterton made her debut as a poet in February 2015 with the collection This Lullaby. Her second collection, This Madness, is set to be released July 6th.
She writes poems to vent her emotions and thoughts. But most of all, she write because it's what she loves to do.
Maggie Chatterton

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