Lost Yuletide Glow, written by Phyllis P. Colucci at Spillwords.com

Lost Yuletide Glow

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



“Lost Yuletide Glow” hides within Winter’s song
Again not knowing when to sing along
Just waiting on Old Father Time
December winds and nature’s rhyme

Echoes of laughter on every street
Bustling shoppers who meet and greet
Storefront decor from days of old
Where mechanical carolers brave the cold

Noel! Noel! can be heard afar
Across the sky, from star to star
The Universe speaks of coming days
Of cheerful hearts and gentle ways

Sparkling snow sets streets aglow
Where Christmas wreaths and trees all grow
Some magic happens in the air
As “Lost Yuletide Glow” remains aware

Yet silent in its quiet place
So full of love – So full of grace
Still unable to come around
Yearning to be Christmas-bound

When suddenly a Spirit speaks
Of holiday joy and wondrous feats
Vast melodies play in even flow
And Angels welcome “Lost Yuletide Glow”

It soon opens its eyes to holiday bliss
Ne’er to feel its soul amiss
So proudly it shines, this “Yuletide Glow”
Becoming part of Heaven’s Christmas show



“Lost Yuletide Glow” finds its way to Christmas through the magic of the season. Once lost, now found, it shines as part of Heaven’s Christmas show. I believe we can all relate. So be sure to find YOUR “Yuletide Glow” in Christmas – and shine throughout the season. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! God Bless!

Phyllis P. Colucci

Phyllis P. Colucci

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I am a writer from Brooklyn, New York, born and raised in a small-town neighborhood within a big City; and I still call Brooklyn my home. I am currently retired from a Supervisory/Admin position with a Federal Law Enforcement Agency in New York City, and I am elated to now be part of the Spillwords writing community...I have one son who is pursuing an acting career, I love animals, I am a huge fan of the original "Dark Shadows" gothic soap opera (1966 - 1971) and a huge fan of the soap opera "Days of Our Lives"...I write mainly poetry and contemporary fiction with a touch of mystery, suspense, romance, and a New York edge. In between, I love to dabble in a writing/miscellaneous blog about anything and everything. Feel free to check out my books (both in ebook and paperback format) on Amazon, and my blog - PhyllisPColucci at Blogspot.
Phyllis P. Colucci
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