Love Me Like a Luna, a poem by Joni Caggiano at

Love Me Like a Luna

Love Me Like a Luna

written by: Joni Caggiano



petals drop from hazel eyes
moonbeams dust, cleaning skies
sleepy mushrooms deny they snore
vester bats taste an array of insects, then soar

honeysuckle nectar, kiss sweet
archaic willow oaks veil my treat
two hearts beat, amending our weather
heating up, whiffs of lavender and leather

his vest opens, wildflowers skip
naked, I bite my trembling red lip
luna moths mating, a vast debt to pay
death, for one evening in which, as two, we lay

your wings scatter in a breeze
leaving sticky eggs under leaves
dying my task achieved, yet no fear
together, my green lover, same time next year

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