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The Ocean

The Ocean

written by: J. Iner Souster



Sacred are these fears that dwell within.
Not a fear of darkness, but that concerning the light
Forever going on in this vast ocean
Unfathomable distances against an obsidian sea
Reflections of endurance in indifferent waters
Fluctuations in thoughtless swells
Breakers that sweep across my consciousness
Allowing sanity to become a voice
These are the moments I fight for and the moments I struggle against
Something steadfast, ceaselessly unchanging, yet never twice the same
Unknown anxieties, of being let down in currents that take me
Sensing the pull of the moon as if requesting something in return
A sacrifice toward its offering of harmony
The dread of being lost at sea, the fears of abandonment,
its ebb and flow through time
Notwithstanding, the secrets of this ocean signify all I comprehend
Its frigid waters, my warmth
In powerful riptides, I discover strength
Its depths are the only place I understand how to shine
Becoming one with the void
Like stars, particles of life float behind my eyes
Perpetually out of range, incapable to grasp
Seducing my desires, making my progression toward the living light
An action that cuts at my fortitude
To abandon my solitude. To surrender so little
Relinquishing isolations embrace
Akin to letting go of my soul
Only to feel pieces that are of me
In all their brilliance, be its darkness, or light
For I have never known lovelight to shine at such depths
Like the phases of the moon
Always just out of reach
I do not dissipate in its vastness, this ocean
I do not disparage without light
Embracing the deep in all its glory of infinite blackness
Embracing the murk and mire that surround me
Feeding on the rot and ruin in its wake
Here is all I know, an understanding of the nothing of everything
The emptiness of its change
Whether to sink or to float makes no difference
in the vastness of nowhere
Waiting and hiding in nights laughter
to drink it all in. As I drink it all down
In the deepest depths of my soul, this ocean is my home.

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