Coquina Clams, poetry written by Sunmy Brown at

Coquina Clams

Coquina Clams

written by: Sunmy Brown


The salty seawater,
rhythmically rushing
toward the vacant shoreline.
Receding back and forth,
pulsating against,
the grainy sand.

The sound of waves,
crashing, tumbling, buffeting
in the distance,
pulling back,
into the depths of the ocean.

When the coast is clear,
scores of tiny mollusks,
poke their minuscule bodies,
quickly arising;
popping out
from the saturated sand.

Relishing in the freedom,
ascending to the surface,
reveling with brilliance,
the joy of full exposure,
escaping obscurity and anonymity.

Gems of resplendent colors,
adorn the seashore,
glistening in the mid-day sun.
A mosaic of crimson, turquoise, ivory shells,
sparkling the surface with splendor.

Translucent bodies,
creeping out of hardened shells,
coming out of hiding,
basking in the warmth,
finding comfort
by air and light.

As another wave approaches,
the clams are swept up,
moving in tandem,
with the flow of another tide.

Below the surface they go,
burrowing back into cavernous depths,
awaiting the opportunity
to arise out of darkness again.

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