Deadlock, a poem written by Ayo Gutierrez at



written by: Ayo Gutierrez


desires unbridled–

we fall down in a straight line

like the thin waterfall etched;

a seeming furrow against a cliff 

parallel our plunge


spasms of bleak dust drift

endlessly over the horizons

blinding my eyes of reason

imploring you

to swim further below

with me…


but my hungry lips meet

your impervious gaze

my lips—

they murmur of your

annoying restraint to

take me further

to your world


we both now dwell

on our conflicted present

where time is unmistakably

our mutual enemy


up and down in this

teeter-totter ride,

we keep score

of our deep sighs

and encumbrances

of regret.

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