Love Of A Woman! written by Pranjal Srivastava at

Love Of A Woman

Love Of A Woman!

written by: Pranjal Srivastava


A man will never feel deeply,
He will never understand the meaning of sunsets
No matter how many seasons may come and go
Spring will never make a place in his heart
Without the love of a woman!

For there is no greater love than the love for you in the eyes of your woman!
The word man is also a part of the word woman
You see, she is complete in herself.
She is a universe herself but you are just a part of that universe.
A man can be anything if he wants to
But a man can be everything if he has a woman who believes in him.

Love of a woman is the greatest blessing of this nature, a man can ever receive.
Embrace her beauty, cherish your moments with her, make her happiest than she can ever be
What you think as a privilege is a dream to many!
If she is there to hold you when you feel down
If she is there to hold your hand when you feel lost
If she is there to share a meal with you
Then you’re fucking fortunate!

Value her, give her wings to fly, gift her freedom
Don’t try to cage her!
For there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a helpless, dependent woman.
Hug her every time you see her upset
Tell her how much she means to you every fucking day
Kiss her at midnight and tell her how beautiful she is
Play with her hair every morning she wakes up and
Tell her how you love watching her sleep knowing you’ll be the first person her eyes will witness
What you are taking as granted may be a wish of many!

There is nothing purer than the love of a woman
Sweeter than honey, exquisite as a diamond and kinder than nature itself
A man is nothing but thunder
It may come, roar and disappear.
But a woman is like rain
It gives life, nurtures this Earth and brings a smile on everyone’s face.

Make her happier than Springsteen’s songs
Look after her like the sea looks after its shore
Love her like a moth loves the flame
For there is no greater gift for a man than the love of a woman!

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