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Love’s Human Capital

Love’s Human Capital

written by: Charlie Bottle



As a young lad, I worked the line,
turning parts on turret lathes,
paid at piecework rates,
set by time and motion studies,
productivity analysis
later decided our fates, retention,
redundancy, or lay-offs,
living life paycheck to paycheck,
fears of jobs axed, or shipped abroad.

As a man, I worked at several jobs
where bean counters decided
the value of human capital,
we were told were essential,
we were stakeholders, pillars,
tap roots of the company tree,
our work generated profits,
made the company’s shareholders rich,
brought marketing’s vision to life.

We are the human capital,
the spine of humanity,
relegated to a ratio,
and Key Performance Indicators,
reduced into costs, and returns,
quantified profitability,
in HR’s risk, and reward scores,
a determinant number,
of an algorithm’s profit goals.

Soulless automation, apps
and robots, take food from mouths,
computers, and power switches
programmed, for repetitive tasks,
impoverish parents and kids,
drive prices and profits sky-high,
out of a paltry paycheck’s reach,
driven by profit-generating genies,
their lamps rubbed by high stock prices.

Jesus asks greed’s gurus and friends
What profit is it to gain the world,
and lose the soul, what ransom
can one pay, for the souls lost
to the beasts of the stock markets,
for their selfishness and greed?
From the same fabric of light,
was each soul stitched to this life
and will return to relate its pain.

This world was in love, created for love,
not for temporal power, or wealth,
our work was to help each other
learn, and grow love on this earth,
where hunger ravages life’s essence,
desires, despair, and defiles love.
Hope and dreams birthed love in souls,
who forgot they were from realms of love
and goodness and came here to learn to love.

Charlie Bottle

Charlie Bottle

Charlie Bottle's passion is poetry. He has lived on three continents, speaks five languages and loves different cultures, people, music and food. He believes that "Poetry uses the economy of words to express the essence of our humanity." It is this magical use of brevity to express the profound that drew him to poetry. While his professional and personal life has pulled him in different directions, He continues in his discipleship of the craft and writes whenever the muse moves him. While English is his second language it is the language in which he lives, breathes, thinks and writes poetry.
Charlie Bottle

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