Lyric for the Masses by Geovanni Villafañe at

Lyric for the Masses

Lyric for the Masses

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



Blasted into consciousness
Outfits of rage bring consequence
But I can’t hide, the anger that’s fueled by incompetence
Of politicians sold to the highest bid
How much longer will we live without common sense
And listen to the politics of ignorance
How much longer will we listen to a system
that’s broken and crumbling
I’ve got two words that you’ll recognize
when I say “Fuck You” and it’s no surprise
Will ya…standby and give up your rights
Or will ya…stand up and begin to fight
Cuz the…revolution’s about to blow wide!
Come on!
The revolution’s about to change times!
Come on!

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