Making Ends Meet, micro fiction by Nope, Not Pam at
Carolina Pimenta

Making Ends Meet

Making Ends Meet

written by: Nope, Not Pam



Daphne lifted her smart phone high, surveying the expanse thoughtfully. Cobwebs removed, surfaces dusted, floor vacuumed and mopped. Perfect, in every way.

Satisfied Daphne turned and eyed the steep staircase distastefully, every job had its disadvantages and climbing these stairs was top of her list.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Edgar,” she muttered to the single occupant before hefting the heavy vacuum onto her shoulder and beginning her laborious ascent.

Reaching the top, she shoved the heavy door shut satisfied, but in her opinion one advantage outweighed them significantly. There were few complaints when you cleaned crypts for a living.

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