A Moment in a Life, poetry by David L Painter at Spillwords.com
Robbie Noble

A Moment In A Life

A Moment in a Life

written by: David L Painter


A stray thought ran across my mind today
begging that I follow its muddy tracks into
the deep dark recesses of my psyche
It held the promise of a treasure trove of words beyond
my wildest dreams.

Even so the thought started to evaporate as quickly as it came
and I with no means of capturing it
A lone scrape of paper came scurrying by
moving like some love sick crab
bits of paper and leaves do that, move on their own
pushed by some unseen hand.
picking it up as if it were a life preserver to a drowning man
I realized it was a receipt.
Date 4/18/18
2 eggs, coffee, toast
Total $4.95
Your server was Donna
Have A Nice Day.
I stood in astonishment staring at the crumpled piece of paper
I held a moment of their lives in my hand
folding it, then placing it in my pocket
their moment in time was now mine and their
thoughts were not lost to the cosmos.

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