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Media Kool-Aid

Media Kool-Aid

written by: Brian Wayne Smith



Drink the lies which we will tell. Taste the sweetness of the news; but don’t notice the bitter after-taste that follows. We will stir in artificial sweeteners of truth laced with LSD of deception. We are your news source. Claiming to be “Fair and Balanced”, “The Most Trusted Name in News” and “The Place for Politics” yet we continue to show our bias. Thirsting to stay informed you tune in daily to refill the cup that is your mind. To which you regurgitate the information back to others.

Share our news link. To us that is the Kool-Aid Jammers of the news. It’s portable, and at least ten people will suck it up. We don’t care what the whole truth is. We care about our ratings and how to dehydrate our competition. We tried quenching the peoples’ thirst with watered down news but that wasn’t good enough. You demanded more flavors. Have we not delivered?

From Gay Rights, Black Lives Matter, to now the Syria Missile Strike. You don’t know how to react unless we pour our pitcher of poisonous punch down your awaiting throats. The one time that we tried, banding together, to re-hydrating the country, with the Gatorade of facts, that grave danger was awaiting America during the Presidential debates. Though the generic, off brand, media started serving something even we wanted to stay away from. They wanted to introduce the world to an orange flavored soda. He wasn’t even an “Orange Crush”. He was an “Orange Crisp”.

Yet, somehow, the right people gulped enough of his sugary lies to turn American into a type 2 diabetes patient.

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