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Missing Ruth

Missing Ruth

written by: Don Knowles



She would say
Go eat an apple
When we heard Mister Softee
His drooling tune drone up the hill
She’d yell
Close the door we’re not heating
The neighborhood
She’d call
Come in for dinner
We race to our half empty plates
She’d say
Get up to bed it’s the last time I’m
Telling you
Me with a thousand excuses to stay by her side
She advised
Lies will come back to bite you
She assured
No matter what you do
I’ll always love you
My Grandmother
My God send
She sold her wedding ring
To buy me my first car
When she lay half blind
Nestled in her hospital bed
She mistook me for my Grandfather
He passed the year I was born
Never met him
But he lived for her
So I was pleased to be mistaken
For our long gone
She’s been gone long now
But she whispered in my ear today
You’re doing good
I love you



My Grandmother raised me and three siblings with an unselfish drive to see us through very tumultuous times. I see her in all the charitable actions I pursue. This is for her .

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