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written by: Natalia Aeschliman



Old friends, new flames
Away from the darkness
Masks come off
those things that are yours
No longer matter
Fools, with the Past threatening your future
Dancing your fears away
Under the moon light
Cutting out ties
Shedding your fears,
Draining your eyes
With the memories of tomorrow
Lingering around your clock
Tick tock
Moving slowly
As the drums get louder
The fire gets dimmer
Looking for heaven
Answers, within the layers of your skin
The never ending
Regret of youth
The never ending questions begin
Come in a little closer
Eye to eye
As we meet in the same place
Running as fast as you can
To numb that pain
Dawn turns to morning
And movements seize to exist
Suddenly I’m feeling older
The sun shines from within…
Seconds turn to minutes
Tick tock

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