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Mist Of Dark

Mist of Dark

written by: Ana Silva



If you found yourself alone in a mist of dark
Surrounded by shadows ready to tear you apart,
Would you let your thoughts speak
Whilst they wander around
Through the haunting corners of your mind
You make sure to keep yourself out?
If I was the one whose light was running out,
I would give my mind the time to finally shout
Whatever has been consuming her,
Roots grown from negligent care,
For so long left on the sidelines,
Pushed to the side by the ruthless
Trapper of lives called routine.
If tonight I was caught in the claws of darkness
I would greet the shadows with a smile
For I know I would be alright,
My notebook’s blank pages always welcome
A lost soul and a tender heart
That just want to mend and love
With all, they still have got.

Ana Silva

Ana Silva

Ana Silva is passionate about books and music, holds a strong belief for love and has a tender appreciation for chocolate. She finds solace in her writing and her works are inspired by life experiences as much as fiction wise.
You can easily find more about her work on her blog It Takes Courage... And Lots of Chocolate.
Ana Silva

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