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written by: Ka Barredo



For once she did an awful thing
And for once she wants to be forgiven
Or for once hopes to be trusted again.

There, people are avoiding her
Here, people are hating her
Everywhere, people are blaming her.

None of her sides were explained
They won’t listen to her words
Does it have to be like that?

None of them believed she can fix it
They won’t even give her the chance
Does it have to be like that?

None of sorrows she felt were understood
They won’t allow her to receive sympathy
Does it have to be like that?

If all else fails to show tenderness
Who will be there to save her?
To help her make bad things better.

Ka Barredo

Ka Barredo

Ka (Karen) Barredo is an amateur poet. Her works are mostly about dark shades of life, love and beliefs. She's fond of discovering or digging deep thoughts from every form of life. Though painting is her first love, she also found a home in poetry in her late 20's. Making words as her voice. She's an artist who loves several types of art and engaging herself in them.
Ka Barredo

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