A Manifesto to My Son, poem by Naomi Fasil Asegedom at Spillwords.com
Austin Wade

A Manifesto to My Son

A Manifesto to My Son

written by: Naomi Fasil Asegedom


You are a wonder that I have been fortunate to discover
You are brave, funny, full of life, and clever
You are persistent, eager, and at times nerve wrecking
But most of all you are a marvel in the making!

There is no limit to what you can be
No restriction set to what you can see
There is nothing to hold you back
No deficiency no lack!

When you encounter voices telling you no
When you encounter voices telling you go
Because of your skin color or hair texture
Because of the visible differences in nature
Then look for that voice deep within you
That voice that knows all that you can do
That voice I installed while raising you
That voice that tells you to pursue
That voice that never changes
That voice that never ages
That voice that never doubts you
That voice that stays true
That voice is me in you!

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