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written by: Austin Davis



Long before we shared
the rent of an apartment
or had to buy our real houses,
we owned property on Boardwalk
and stayed in overpriced hotels.

We sat around the board
and tossed dice across the carpet,
watching the orange and purple
papers flutter in the air, thinking
nothing could be more simple.

Between a sip of Dr. Pepper
and a handful of Cheez-Its,
we drove each other bankrupt
in that surreal world
between halftime and homework

where he could go to jail
on a roll of the dice
and she could find the lottery
in a well placed parking lot.

By the time we smelled
soup and chicken
cooking in the kitchen,
one of us would own
the whole rectangular world.

None of it mattered,
so we’d all bound down
the front steps into the night
laughing, each of us trying
to chase the gilded sun
without caring enough
to even slip on our shoes.

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