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Follow Your Heart

written by: Mario William Vitale


Magic breathes life in our hearts
Destiny resides in our souls
Our path now shimmers unshadowed by the night
With one embrace partnered by a tender kiss, the bounds

of time and distance crumble through fingers like drifting
grains of sand
Dream time is the place where I am alive
Green eyes ripple into lipid pools where miracles draw me

to your heart
I am free to swim by your side until the sun sets and
rises with you again
Christmas cookies & falling ivy inside of me with a variety

Mario William Vitale

Mario William Vitale

Mario William Vitale a published poet being featured writer on Writerscafe.
Having over 1,000 poems toward his platform.
Born in Bristol, Ct he currently lives in Wolcott.
Mario William Vitale

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