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written by: Tony Ortiz



The seasons have changed.
A chemical imbalance in mother nature's brain,
Causes us with the seasonal to go become insane.
Don't mask your pain, get up and fight.
Who said the sun was the only source of light?
Who says what you do isn't considered right?
Since when did becoming a kite mean you had to fly?
In all truths, not everything alive is meant to die.
Ideas, morals, truths, lies,
Possessions, progressions, conceptions and ties,
Deceptions, receptions, your views on the world,
The way the universe stops when you hold your girl,
These are things that are timeless.
The ultimately designless.
Break free of your bonds in this suffocating confined nest,
And open your eyes to what's happening around you.
Perspective is something that needs to find you.
It's time to stop focusing on the now,
Crack open the skull and abandon the noun.
Skip the fine line between the deep and the shallow,
Make music to life's beat before you meet the gallows,
And if you're stuck up night because you can't rest,
Look up at the sky and realize,
It's Moonless.

Tony Ortiz

Tony Ortiz

I didn't start writing until recently. When I did I stuck to what I had learned from my favorite poet: Rhyming is dope. I try to connect with my viewers on an emotional level, because like many people, I too have mental illnesses plaguing my thoughts.
Written under aliases 'Absent Minded' and 'MNDFL'
Tony Ortiz

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