Depth Charge written by Gavin Haycock at

Depth Charge

Depth Charge

written by: Gavin Haycock



waves of blue meteorite showers reign supreme with this spinning plateau
as mercurial shafts of light glow on their descent across Reno, Prague and Macau
flaming out as magenta rainbow ends
rust-rimmed dust coming from beyond sky
solar to sternum freefalls into neon cities

through slow burn incandescent freeways
through unmapped inner landscapes
through a majesty crush with circadian rhythms
through left-over dinners and diners

eyelids dropping like limbs moving in water on a conversation left hanging
settling in low-lit places grit-ladled in oyster-shell nails
where chipped colours, brittle pearls and cracked heels
become one among discarded and silent things

lime and soda lines working their shifts to keep nostalgia at bay
amid depth charges of nocturnal effervescence
which almost does not ever make sense
not really
not on this night

as thought fragments collide in an arterial undertow
as golden arms unwind
as stars chart a preordained route
as time drives needles through a camel’s eye
as you lift the glass and hold it there waiting

and behold within these momentary molten and frozen things
we find a way
while looking up and down … a way
back out of here
to a higher place

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