Street Apple written by Rick Howe at

Street Apple

Street Apple

written by: Rick Howe


Somewhere, down there
In amongst the headaches
And the chest pains
The coughing and the blood in
The back of the throat
I am walking, thinking

Somewhere, bound in thorns
Within molten panoply
Somewhere within descriptions
Of much less definition
But possibly more meaning
I am walking, thinking

And there is an apple on the street
Flesh bitten and browning underneath
Bruised and broken at the core
Left for the ants, the wasps, the flies

Somehow it snidely
Puts me in mind of futility
And angers me

I kick it and it breaks up
Skidding out into the road
And I feel nothing but frustration
No relief at all

Have I now got more affinity with destroyed fruit
Than with my fellow-man?
Am I now that far gone that I identify with food waste
More readily than I do with humanity?

Somewhere in here
Beneath all of the reverse fire confusion
I suffocate slowly
I am walking, thinking

Slowing in both every day.

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