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She Moves Like Woven Silken Strands

written by: Rick Howe


She moves like woven silken strands
Hair catching air, and in her grace
Becomes that which shall stand as art
Forever in this time and place

She captures me and pins me there
The imperfections within her face
So utterly paralyse my thoughts
Whilst vital rhythms gain in pace

And then as fleeting as a sleeping hope
She passes by and out of my life
Without her ever having known
The devastation she wrought on me

She was the elemental force
That decimated my island
Of this spring of words she was the source
And now she has gone, I'm silenced

Rick Howe

Rick Howe

Working from the centre and radiating outwards, Rick's poetry touches on many themes, depression, nature, greed, despair, wry humour and hope.

He hopes to reach as many souls as he can with his work, and maybe bring a little warmth to lives with shared experiences.
Rick Howe

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