Mosaic, a poem by Linda M. Crate at
Sole Bicycles



written by: Linda M. Crate



i am a mosaic
of everyone and everything
i have ever known;

love peanut butter and
bacon sandwiches and peach
champagne because i had
a friend in college that shared
those things with me,

love walking into the woods
because every tree, creek, and
leaf remembers me;

told my friends about an indigenous
proverb about how the crow
shared all his colors and that is
why he is black and now my crow friends
are less scary to them—

every song i hear spills out a
memory or two,
i will always associate “sweet little lies”
with my best friend and our visits,
“beloved” by vnv nation
for the first woman i fell for,
“dirty deeds” with my mother because
she teasingly asked me once if i
knew what song it was;

falling snow reminds me of the child
i never got to meet giving me kisses
from the beyond—

each of us is a mosaic,
and maybe one day i will
share a piece of yours
or you will know a piece of mine;
and we’ll share a shard of glass
the same color.

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