I'm an 80's Fanatic, a poem by Norj Joseph at Spillwords.com

I’m an 80’s Fanatic

I’m an 80’s Fanatic

written by: Norj Joseph


I was Out of Touch
When “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
Then you suddenly came Like A Virgin
I was in awe with your Bette Davis Eyes

You were Only In My Dreams
But “Love is Reason” why we were here
Together Forever we fervently wished
While Waiting for a Star to Fall, we kissed

We believed “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, and we went Through the Barricades
‘Coz we fell in love Head Over Heels
Boys Do Fall In Love, you know
And I didn’t “Just Got Lucky”

“Every Breath You Take”, I quivered
So Far So Good, we were okay
But we didn’t last, you had a Change of Heart
Sadly, you got Lost in Emotion

We were happy like we were Walking on Sunshine
In reality, we were only Together in Electric Dreams
I thought ours was a Neverending Story
But I guess I was just the King of Wishful Thinking

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