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Death Song

written by: Yasmin Hemmat


Dying lights were flickering at night.
Walking along the serpentine road,
I heard the howling under the moonlight.
And crimson eyes, like the stars in heaven, glowed.

The sudden movement of shadows
Hunted the abysmal path.
The vast desolated land became enclosed
By cursed creatures’ wrath.

Fatal silence,
Deadly hollow,
total absence,
Were my sentences to follow.

I was an abandoned man
Who was doomed to despair
Since when my sad world began
The grave was the only thing that was there.

I was walking toward darkness
To be back where I belonged
Where there was no happiness,
But an only death song to sing along.

Yasmin Hemmat

Yasmin Hemmat

Yasmin Hemmat holds an M.A in dramatic literature. She is now an M.A student in English literature. She is also a part-time teacher with a passion for reading and writing poetry and story. Her poems have been published in literary journals such as: Spillwords, Literary Hatchet, Literary Yard, Piker Press, Raven Cage Zine and Down in the Dirt magazine.
Yasmin Hemmat

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