Getting a Cup of Joe, poem by Joan McNerney at
Patrick Hendry

Getting a Cup of Joe

Getting a Cup of Joe

written by: Joan McNerney


It is 13 degrees above zero.
There is a long line of java
worshippers at Serve Ya’Self.

As more aficionados join us
wide doors open automatically
bringing snow squalls. We
patiently shuffle our black boots.

Finally a weary “Associate” opens
another cash register. Eureka!
My time arrives for a taste of heaven.

A metal plaque informs me
urns and canisters of dark roast
are “out”. No cream either.

Tramping over to where the sugar,
stirrers and napkins hide. They
are not in their usual place! Forlornly
I hold in my disappointment.

Eureka! I spy a napkin holder. Is this
the new spot for sugar? Sweat trickles
down my face as my scarf unloosens.

Exhausted but desperate to find
a lid for my coffee. Crying out
“where are the lids?” … a handsome
young man replies … “here!”

Jubilant ready to leave … when suddenly …
I slip over some ice outside.
Leaping Lizards & Gees Louise …
my “cup of joy” splatters over snow mounds.

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