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Sex & Violence

Sex & Violence

written by: Cristina Munoz



I sense sex and violence,
striking strong, bold
wearing tailored thick black leather,
matte metal glinting,
pierced eyebrows, lips, nose.
Why am i enjoying kissing you,
you’re not what i know.

She’s whispering husky promises,
her lashing heat steams up dry air,
“I’m not going to hurt you beautiful.
just want to fuck you all weekend.”
Dangerous beauty you’re tempting,
so why am i hesitating?
I don’t believe you.
Not into blood on my pillow,
time i leave.

Fast walking home,
i can’t help thinking.
What does she see in me,
i refuse to face,
certain childhood memories,
kept hidden, locked away.
Troubled past is a beacon,
continually attracting her kind.
I’m not turned on inflicting pain,
how can i get her to understand.
I don’t want to be anyone’s master.
I am no one’s slave.

S&M Queen,
why don’t you,
why didn’t she,
believe me.

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