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My Graham

My Graham

written by: Lana Wesley



I can’t remember exactly when
and was it something sudden then
The day you came into my life,
Started there your ongoing dive.

Every day with no exception
You are in control of my perception.
I know you are just an imagination
But I can’t kill that expectation.

Is that such a big sin
To believe that you are real?
A lot of nice people in the World
But only you my inspiration hold.

I’m sure that story will repeat:
Cold, fear, pain and retreat.
Then hope, joy and love…
We will be together dreams above.

You are like her, so majestic and proud,
So distant, standing on your ground.
I also will get afraid in the beginning
But I’ll keep believing in all I’ve been dreaming.

In love which inevitably, forever
Will come and stay with no endeavor.
My Graham, I’ll find you anywhere,
I am your Anna, you will feel it in the air.

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