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Musings Of A Canvas

written by: Ayo Gutierrez


I watch your disheveled stance
glazed eyes burning—
lost in raging vagaries
of cataclysmic wars
shadows eclipse your eyes
as your visions swirl—
ever-changing like the seasons
anticipation ...
trepidation ...
how I ache for your release
not once
have you touched me ....
yet completely
you consume me
In a frenzied
loving flash—
your brush
meets my nakedness
suddenly I swim
awash in a roiling sea
of breathless turbulent colors
but joyously I now suffocate
in the winds of your tempest
till naked no longer ....
in stillness
at last
I revel
under the scrutinous gaze
of raging fans and critics
yet their opinions matter not—
before you
I was void ....
but you find beauty lurking
where others fail to find it
and though I may gather dust ...
from time to lonely time
your soul and touch transformed me
and I am yours to paint
again and again—
and again

Ayo Gutierrez

Ayo Gutierrez

Ayo Gutierrez pens her art in the Philippines. Gutierrez’s poetry collection Yearnings showcases her latest work—while also featuring poems by an international cast of eighteen different writers in an array of poetic styles. Ayo’s poetry has appeared in five different anthologies: I Have a Name: Anthology of Prose and Poems on Mental Disorders (2017); Hidden Constellation magazine (2017); A Promise of Doves (December 2018); and Transcendence: The Anthology of Human Thought from Trode Publications (February 2019). She also co-authored Bards from the Far East: Anthology of Haiku and Kindred Verses.
Ayo Gutierrez

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