My Shameful Secrets, a poem written by Laura Hughes at

My Shameful Secrets

My Shameful Secrets

written by: Laura Hughes



Who do you even turn to,
if no one is really there?
No one left to save you,
from the depths of your despair.

I’m tired of feeling alone,
with no one by my side.
None of these feelings are shown.
I keep them hidden deep inside.

There seems to be no escape.
No sign at all of hope.
This life has me bound like tape.
Like I’m being strangled with rope.

There are times I can’t breathe.
The tears won’t stop flowing.
These thoughts just seem to seethe,
inside my mind just knowing.

I’m on the edge of the abyss.
I’m falling into darkness.
One thing I can say is this,
I’m sickened by all this starkness.

I’m overwhelmed, paralyzed,
that I can’t do anything.
All of this is so well disguised,
and no one suspects a thing.

Sometimes I wish to disappear,
not that it would really matter.
I always have this nagging fear,
that no one would even shatter,
and would never shed a tear…

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