A Traveler, Passing, a poem by Mike Turner at Spillwords.com
Misael Moreno

A Traveler, Passing

A Traveler, Passing

written by: Mike Turner



Go ye gently
Into that Great Beyond
Knowing of lives touched
Smiles brought
Comfort given
Fear not, quiet Soul
Returning whence we all came
The Great Cycle being completed
And continuing anew
A single drop
Rejoining the mighty ocean
We mourn, and grieve
Yet our hearts are full
For the brief time we tarried in company
That our paths ran together
And find warmth
Knowing you are with us still
In our memories and our hearts
And in the boundless joy of the Eternal
Recognizing that soon
We shall complete our own Journeys
Following you through that portal
All as Travelers, Passing
To be reunited
Through the greatest gift bequeathed us:

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