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My Words

written by: Annette Tarpley


My words you read
The content you critique
You may not get the whole meaning
There may be some mystique

Some things I may allude to
At first glance the concept clouded
It may contain a double entendre
The jest may be shrouded

You may read it the first time
And re-read it again
The meaning may become clearer
Pay attention to the end

You may wonder if it’s true
Or if the story is merely fiction
Only I really know
My mind and pen have no restriction

I may take you to a place
In your mind you can imagine
I want to stir your emotions
Take you on a journey you never fathomed

Write something insightful
Make you really think
A twist on an idea
I want to write with my ink

I want my creativity to grow
I want to change every day
Just when you think you know my style
A curveball I’ll throw your way

I want to be known as poet
Who may set a trend
I want to be realized while I’m alive
And be remembered past my end

Annette Tarpley

Annette Tarpley

Annette (Wengert) Tarpley hails from the United States, originally from Iowa, now resides in Virginia. She works as a nurse practitioner by day and poet by night, which she recently rekindled and has been writing with fervor. New to the online Facebook poetry community, in a 6 month span has received numerous accolades and awards including: Featured poet, Poem of the day, Poem of the month and several poems published on online poetry sites. She has published her book of poetry, “Poetry Potpourri,” which will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, comprised of a variety of over 110 poems. She is also the founder and administrator of, “The Passion of Poetry,” and Moderator for “Motivational Strips,” and “Oxygen Pen” Facebook sites.
Annette Tarpley

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