My Words, a poem by Annette Tarpley at
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My Words

My Words

written by: Annette Tarpley


My words you read
The content you critique
You may not get the whole meaning
There may be some mystique

Some things I may allude to
At first glance the concept clouded
It may contain a double entendre
The jest may be shrouded

You may read it the first time
And re-read it again
The meaning may become clearer
Pay attention to the end

You may wonder if it’s true
Or if the story is merely fiction
Only I really know
My mind and pen have no restriction

I may take you to a place
In your mind you can imagine
I want to stir your emotions
Take you on a journey you never fathomed

Write something insightful
Make you really think
A twist on an idea
I want to write with my ink

I want my creativity to grow
I want to change every day
Just when you think you know my style
A curveball I’ll throw your way

I want to be known as poet
Who may set a trend
I want to be realized while I’m alive
And be remembered past my end

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