In A Nod To Neruda - An Ode To Charcuterie, poetry by Jay Mora-Shihadeh at
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In A Nod To Neruda – An Ode To Charcuterie

In A Nod To Neruda

An Ode To Charcuterie

written by: Jay Mora-Shihadeh



Juicy lips
full ripe figs.
Slate gray,
ashes on lips
Smashes sweet,
red grapes.
Glistening nodes of fat
lace and line the tips,
of your tongue’s
flicking tastes.
The bowls of your cheeks,
Prosciutto ham.
Juniper flecks imbibe
the luscious lovely Speck.
A stately ham,
for vintners and glam
Ching Ching, Ching Ching!
A Cheer to Ham, Chorizo
and Man!
Spiced little devils,
eat hearty hard chubs,
red fans flaming, like petrol
on tongues.
Charcuterie’s fine purveyors,
slice it sweet,
my man!
Thin sheets with gobs of fat,
snuggled, tightly bound,
my friend!
Bring the cheese, bring the wine,
some fruity jam,
you found!
Charcuterie’s journey
from hog to butcher,
to artisanal hands,
in love,
pound by pound,
and heaps spoonfuls
of essence, of sugared sweets,
like me on you,
our passionate embrace
our lovers retreats!
This tale, this connective tissue,
that weaves through,
all beast and man, is cave-aged,
dry-aired, fermented with care.
briny vats of supple pork,
encased, enshrined like tombs.
These priestly links, are longing for confessions
to cast aside their carnal sins,
their wayward possessions.
The meaty heathen’s heavenly ride,
charcuterie’s blissful,

Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Jay Mora-Shihadeh

Jay Mora-Shihadeh (he/him) is a Poet and Artist born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, currently residing in Sarasota, FL. Informed by his deep love of Art, Nature and Social Justice, Jay pens emotional, vivid poems. The poetry conveys a myriad of tales, rich in expression, often reflecting on his experiences growing up in a large-extended-family. A family which hails from the Palestinian Diaspora on his father's side, and the trickle-down-effects of his Irish American mother's 'orphan mindset'. His work is published at Spillwords Press, New York, NY, Freeverse Revolution a Literary Magazine, Masticadores USA an online literary publication, and Lucy’s Works and Co., a Little Writing Workshop of Horror. You can read more of Jay’s writing on his blog “The Artist from the Inside Out.”
Jay Mora-Shihadeh

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